Sheerly Stupid Scathing Satire


Wow, I just saw Idiocracy and while not exactly a cinematic tour de force, it’s thoroughly entertaining.  There’s also an interesting story behind it as it’s a Mike Judge movie.  He directed Office Space, but then the studio execs rushed it out of theaters-where it became an incredible success on DVD.  Same thing here: Idiocracy was out in theaters for maybe a week in the summer (most critics never even saw it) and now it’s slipped out on DVD.

So why is it worth seeing?   Basically, this is one of the most preposterous movies I’ve ever seen.  The premise is insane: Private Joe Bowers is a statistically average person who is frozen for a military experiment, but accidentally left frozen for 500 years.  When he wakes up he finds that society has become so stupid that he is the smartest person in the world.

How stupid?  Picture Costco for law school, Carl’s Jr judging if you’re a fit mother and by the way that’s the President of the United States driving the rig in the photo.  Rent it today: it’s only 79 minutes long and you’ll laugh through a lot of them.  The future like you’ve never seen or imagined it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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