It’s Christmas Again


Christmas 2003 was a seminal event in my life (although I doubt I realized it at the time).  On that occasion my parents gave me a Canon Powershot G5 digital camera.  The first photo was my grinning brother seen above.  I’ve pretty much been snapping photos non-stop since then (and put over 16 gigs on my hard drive).  However, now two-and-a-half years and over 3,000 photos later I’ve decided to upgrade my camera.  Basically, I found that the resolution and crispness wasn’t there, plus I was trying to do things with the camera that simply weren’t possible with it (it’s fully automatic, but the lens and drive weren’t that great).

So mum & dad, thanks for getting me started in digital photography, but your Christmas present may appear on eBay soon (no hard feelings I hope) as on the weekend I went out and bought myself a Canon EOS 20D.  My god is this a great camera (Wen’s had one for a few years and I’ve been coveting her photos since she bought it).

What can it do?  Here are some photos and here’s an explanation of why I couldn’t do them before.  First, this camera allows continuous shootings of up to 5 frames per second, so I can literally catch waves crashing.  Great range and resolution as you can see in the photo of the crowd watching the Cup final at Dolores Park (very cool-a guy got some of his DJ friends to spin and he set up a giant screen!)-note that the colour’s continuous and there’s almost no glare.  Also, the camera’s really stable and you have complete control over the aperture (up to 36 f-stops) and the shutter (up to 1/3600th of a second).  As a result you can take great photos at night/dusk and track light really well.

I promise to take some crazy photos and put them up for everyone to enjoy.

Monday, July 10, 2006

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