Kozy Apartment


I’m super excited as today I picked up a gaggle of prints by Kozyndan that I’d had framed.  They’re now dotting the walls of our apartment and making it a lot, well, cozier (sorry, couldn’t avoid the bad pun).

Anyways, we’ve framed three pieces: The Amorous Nudibranchs Paint the Town Red (and Orange and Yellow and Green and Blue and Violet)... (note that this thing is a perfect 360 degree panoramic), Kin-San’s Business Trip, and The Household (which is actually the cover to Daedelus’ EP of the same name).

As for Kozyndan, they’re a husband and wife team out of LA.  They do sketches that they scan into Photoshop, colour and then cover with different characters (including themselves in their panoramics).  To get a great sense of how they work, you can watch this recent video done for the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Newcastle.  Also, the video references another short-the opener to RESFEST 2004-that was inspired by them; you can check it out here (the actual opening video is by a group called Motion Theory).

Incidentally, we also framed a poster from the Tropicalia exhibit held last May at the Barbican; it shows Assume Vivid Astro Focus’ beautiful Rita Sylvester.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

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