41st - Oh, wait...


On Sunday I ran the Staten Island Half Marathon.  I finished in a personal best of 1:40:28 - 7:40/mile or 4:40/km as we say up north.  This was almost four minutes better than my previous best: 1:44:12 (4:53/km) in last year's SF 1/2 Marathon.

After almost vomiting at the finish line, I was ecstatic with my time.  I went online later that day and was amazed to find out that I'd finished 41st in my age group!  Then I read the fine print:

The NYRR had booked me as a woman!  Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a boy named "Lindsay" (Johnny Cash is smiling somewhere...).

So I have no idea how I finished in my age group, but given that I was 501st overall, I can be sure it was likely much worse than 41st.

Also, because I'm an absolute data nerd, I couldn't help but include the above graph (based on data from NYRR.org).  I wonder why there's a huge rise in the number of 30-something vs. 20-something male runners, but not for women?  I'd love to know if men and women run for completely different reasons...


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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