Andrew and I spent the weekend in Amsterdam.  We seem to be damned in getting together (no more puns, I promise) as I missed my train; reminiscent of when he missed his flight the last time.  Anyways, we did a lot: tonne of walking, a plethora of museums (city, Van Gogh, Stedelijk), a couple of art galleries and a 29km run on Sunday to top it off.  Photos can be found here.

We saw some great art.  Check out the Knip atelier for great typography.  Knip has also teamed up with his brother to create some stuff at their new firm.  Shirin Nishat has created an amazing short film/installation called Passage (If you can find a copy please let me know).  Finally, check out Tord Boontje’s Until Dawn curtain at Artecnica (go to “home accessories”).

Monday, April 17, 2006

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