Big Ad for a Small Car


Just up the street from us, at the corner of 30th and 10th, is a massive lit up billboard for Mini cars.  It looks just like any other billboard battling for the valued eyes of Manhattanites-with one difference.  It turns out that if you’re a Mini owner you’ve been sent a key fob that can be loaded with a message.  When you drive under the ad, your message will appear on the billboard.  Read more about it here in Engadget.

I also noticed a Mini ad in a recent magazine I was reading.  They’d inserted a little pamphlet (Mini Motoring Hearts) outlining how your Mini was the perfect was to get involved in a local charity (drive to help out, etc. - you get the picture).  One thing that I thought was cool about it was that the back of the pamphlet folds out to become a piggy bank for your favourite charity (see the middle and right hand panels below):

Too bad I don’t see too many Minis on the streets of NYC.  Maybe that’s about to change...


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

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