Cut & Paste


Wen and I hit up the Cut & Paste tournament on Saturday.  The photo above shows the two finalists - Mate and Dosa Kim, how ended up in the finals.

What is Cut & Paste?  Eight designers compete head-to-head with 15 minutes to create a new image while the audience watches (In case you're wondering, they're given category titles beforehand).  It's amazing to watch how fast these folks can work; they can create in 15 minutes what would take me at least a day (if I could do it at all).

The other fascinating thing was how frequently the design didn't come together until the very end.  Particularly with Dosa's work, it looked like it was going to suck - until with a minute or two left it crystallized and you realized that it was actually a brilliant piece (there's a lesson there, right?).

Oh yeah, Mate, on the left, won.

Monday, September 17, 2007

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