Reinterpreting the City


Icon Magazine has a great article on how different people are reinterpreting the urban landscape.  This isn't the same as traditional street art where people paint or poster any surface.  Instead, these people are actually using parts of city's landscape as an element of their art: lamp poles, billboards, etc.

Unfortunately the photos that came with the article aren't included with the online article - so I've scanned them in.  The photo above is by the group Cutup.

Here are two reinterpretations of New York's obnoxious subway video screens.  The first is Ji Lee's Abstractor and the next is Jason Eppink's Pixelator:

Leon Reid has done Fleur and The Kiss:

Mark Jenkins has done ducks, babies and traffic cones:

A couple of final photos by Roadsworth and Knitta Please:


Saturday, August 18, 2007

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