Down and Out After the In-N-Out...


It’s 2:54 and I’m at work and feeling like I’m about to fall asleep.  The reason?  The In-N-Out Burger.  I went there for lunch with the engineers-and not simply because I was looking for some cheap, greasy burgers.

Rather, I seem to keep stumbling across the In-N-Out this year.  I’d never heard of it until my accounting prof mentioned it as a great example of figuring out the profit per product-because the place only offers burgers, fries, drinks and shakes.  That’s it-nothing else.

Or is it?  I then began hearing rumblings of a secret menu.  It’s true and today I scarfed down two protein burgers with cheese (no buns) and animal style fries (fries with cheese, onions and thousand island-uh, I mean secret sauce).  That’s why I’m exhausted-thank god I didn’t get the 100 patty special.

Oh, and speaking of god, it turns out that the old family-owned In-N-Out is a little religious.  When you get your shake, on the bottom of the cup it says “Proverbs 3:10” and on the hamburger bag it says “Revelation 3:5” (or something similarly goddy).  Maybe if you eat enough you get a free trip to heaven after the obligatory heart attack (in all fairness, their patty’s are made fresh).

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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