Jargon Watch


I’m reading the New York Times on the final leg of my journey home from Singapore (begun on December 13th; I’ve been traveling daily since then) and they’ve a great article on the best buzzwords of 2006.  FYI, the article is called A Buzz Saw of Buzz Words.

My personal favourite: sanctimommy.  This refers to mothers who feel themselves to be experts on all things child rearing (courtesy of the Internet and have no qualms about telling other mothers about their shortcomings.  The best definition is captured in this blog entry.

A close runner-up for me: food miles.  This refers how many miles an ingredient travels between the farm and your plate.  It’s a favourite of food snobs who believe that local produce is less likely to be tainted by E. Coli and other ills.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

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