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Yesterday was the opening of Interference, a 10 year retrospective series at Eyebeam.  Eyebeam is a pioneer in New York's tech art scene and they have a bunch of great exhibits:

The Graffiti Research Lab is showing off their graffiti projector.  This one's too cool to describe, so check the link; it's a projector that displays "graffiti" created by a laser pen.

The Institute for Applied Autonomy and Trevor Paglen present Terminal Air.  They've created an office that is meant to look like a tourist bureau, except that all the flights are CIA/USAF renditions.  On the wall are posters of various renditions ("Guantanamo Bay Express") and there's a computer with a map showing all the actual flights of the rendition planes (based upon extensive research).  Canada note: rendees (?) have passed through Vancouver, Iqaluit and Goose Bay (and those are only the one's we know of).

Here are a couple of flyers; the first shows the mock office:

Robert Ransick created Casa Segura-literally Safe House.  It's a small shelter that sits on private land just north of the Mexican border.  Inside are a selection of clothes, water and high carbohydrate snacks.  The idea is that illegal Mexican immigrants can use the items within it rather than risking death in the Arizona desert.

The shack, pictured below, was created after the land owners got tired of having their house broken into (for clothes and running shoes - never anything else) and read about how many Mexicans were dying crossing the border.

Oh yeah, also inside are instructions on how to survive in the desert (in English and Spanish).  Here's an interesting one:

Priorities in a survival situation is [sic] based on the "rule of threes", you can live 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 hours without warmth, 3 days without water and 3 months without food.

One last interesting project is The FM Ferry Experiment.  The Staten Island Ferry is literally being turned into a radio transmitter for the month of September.


Friday, September 28, 2007

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