Low-cost, Somnabulent Entertainment


Tonight I went uptown to the MoMA to check out Doug Aitken’s Sleepwalkers.  It’s a movie that is playing on the walls of the MoMA from 5 to 10 pm until the 12th of February.  It’s a unique way to watch a movie: it’s projected onto six different facades of the building; you definitely see the building in a different way.

As for the movie, I’d love to say I adored it, but really: it was -5 degrees, there were no toilets, no seats and it’s not a talkie.  I’m glad I saw part of it but I can’t imagine sitting through the full five hours.  (Since I lasted 30 minutes there’s not going to be any plot summary.  That’s Donald Sutherland doing something above.)

Here are some more shots to give you a sense of what it’s like to watch a movie on the walls of a building in NYC:


Monday, January 29, 2007

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