Osama Bin Lindsay, Part II


It looks like I just can’t take (mediocre) photos without getting in trouble.  I took this one from the subway platform near INSEAD (the school is next to the cranes in the background) and all hell broke loose.

A conductor came running over and started yelling that I couldn’t take photos as this was a “security restricted area.”  Moreover, that newish building on the left hand side happens to be the Ministry of Education; apparently one does not take photos of government buildings in Singapore.

Incidentally, the Ministry’s slogan is “moulding the future of our nation.”  Charming in a 1984-esque manner.

Finally, it turns out that I had also broken another rule because I was taking the photo “in the danger zone” between the yellow line on the platform and the track.  I had to apologize profusely about my ignorance as a foreigner for a minute or two before the guy would let me go.

But that’s not all: I’d previously been told off on the subway for drinking a bottled beverage (you guessed it-not allowed).  All in all, I managed to break four laws in the space of about 20 minutes...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

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