Where Have You Been All My Life?


The above is not an old Stasi torture device that is being shown at some ghoulish exhibit in Eastern Europe.  Instead, it’s “the best time management tool ever” according to world famous self-promoter and life coach Tony Robbins (he’s got three of the damn things).

This thing is supposed to help you stay fit-in exactly 4 minutes per day!  Not 5, not 3-exactly 4.  According to its manufacturers-88-92% of people who have a gym membership/own exercise equipment don’t work out.  As a result you should buy the “Rom Time Machine”-where “ROM” stands for “range of motion”-because shurely you can find (exactly) four minutes a day, right?  And if it’s good enough for T-Ro then it’s got to be good enough for you?

Why not, I’m sold.  Now I just need to find $14,615 (U.S. of course) to pay for it.  That’s right, this thing costs about the same as a new Toyota Yaris.  Or, another way to think of it is as over 20 years worth of gym memberships (at $60 a month).

Thursday, August 31, 2006

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