Gigapixel Photography!


The above photo is a scan of the flyer for the works currently on display at Sonnabend.  I randomly stopped in there today and was introduced to the fascinating work of Clifford Ross.

Take a look at the photo below:

In and of itself, it's a beautiful photo.  However, Ross has reinterpreted the photo in multiple ways.  He's made it into a triptych and inverted the colours - if you look closely at the image in the flyer, you might be able to locate the tree in the above picture.

If you really want to try and locate it, check out this link.  Ross has put high res versions of his photos on his site, so you can zoom in and locate details that you otherwise wouldn't see (I challenge you to find the four chairs sitting on the dock in the above photo (really).

How's this possible?  Ross' camera creates images on a 9 x 18 inch negative that is then scanned digitally, enabling you to zoom in to an improbable level. 


Saturday, November 3, 2007

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