Sunday, May 4, 2008


On Friday night my buddy Richard and I got to partake in the fantastic, sexy, preposterousness that is a Brazilian Girls show at Studio B.  First, let’s talk about Studio B.  It’s my favourite club in New York (note I didn’t say Manhattan-as it’s in Greenpoint).  It’s set in the middle of an industrial district, so they can play the music loud and no one cares. They invite acts that can’t get gigs anywhere else in the city, so the crowd is as eclectic as the music.  Oh yeah, and now they’ve got a patio for the summer.

The Brazilian Girls?  They defy classification.  For the record, not one member is Brazilian.  The lead singer is a chanteuse who could battle Karen O any day in a fashion contest.  Their music is genre defying - and what else can you expect from a band whose musicians are a keyboardist, drummer and tuba player?

So what happened?  An inspirational show.  They came on at 1 am.  The band started playing and then Sabina Sciubba appeared on stage singing while wearing white Ray Bans, a white shirt, a tutu and pink leotards.  The show only picked up from there.

She brought the crowd up on stage to dance with her during a few songs, much to the chagrin of the security staff.  They would escort the people down just in time for her to invite them back up.  Eventually they told her that she couldn’t invite people up on stage to dance with her.

Her response?  She pulled a joint out of her pocket and said “I don’t like being told what to do, so I’m going to smoke this joint on stage.  Let’s see if anyone stops me.”  And no one did.

Another notable moment: the band brought with them a friend who would appear on stage with placards describing the band.  Each said “Brazilian Girls” and then a bizarre line drawing underneath...

They finished their set by playing a new song (album due out soon), which had the chorus “Internazionale”.  It started out with just her singing (thanks to Studio B’s sound system you could hear every high not) and then launched into a rousing house beat.  When they left the stage the place felt like it was going to explode.

And maybe it would have - we stumbled outside only to find the fire department there, lights blazing.  It was the perfect end to a great night.

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