Japanese Granite Emporium


I went to the Noguchi museum in Queens today.  This has to be one of the most random museums in New York.  Noguchi was a Japanese sculptor who worked in granite and marble and had a studio in Queensbridge in the 1960s.  He worked there as there used to be a variety of stone wholesalers just down the block on Vernon (they're almost all gone).  He bought the building his studio was in and then bought the adjacent land; now it's a museum.  The neighbourhood has changed a bit over the years (and recently for the better - I'd previously only ever heard of "Queensbridge" from Nas' early work).

Here are a couple of shots of the gorgeous sculptures Noguchi created:

Noguchi spent two years in the early 1950s designing furniture.  Despite this short timeframe, he produced some timeless designs (both his tables and Akuri - lights - are still produced):


Saturday, January 5, 2008

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