Err Lingus

I recently went to Dublin for my brother’s graduation from med school (photos) and to visit a friend (photos).  Imagine my surprise when I came upon the following map while reading the Aer Lingus in-flight magazine:

Aer Lingus Map incorrectly showing where they fly

Upstate New York, Vermont and Maine have all moved a little further north than they should be.  Here’s a close-up:

Closeup of Aer Lingus map incorrectly showing upstate New York

From what I can tell, Rochester has moved over to be Eastmain, Nunavut.  Burlington is Lac Guillaume-Delisle and Syracuse is Lac Bienville (ironically, I don’t even think there’s a road within 100 km of Lac Bienville).

This map would be really funny except for the fact that Aer Lingus is an airline and there job is to actually know where places are.