Hipster Pizza

Based on my buddy Richard’s recommendations, I waited in line at Artichoke Basille’s Pizza for about 30 minutes today just to get two slices.  The verdict?  It was totally worth it.  The pizza was amazing: the artichoke pizza had the most gourmet mix of cheeses I’ve ever tried (can a cheese be succulent?  That’s the word that springs to mind).  And the Sicilian was incredible – a Margherita with some fresh basil and an olive oil drizzle.

All that for just $5.50.

One of the best parts of the meal (besides the incredible food at low price) was also waiting in line and hearing the morbidly obese man behind me complain about “it taking so god damn long because the place was full of Williamsburg hipsters blogging about their f!cking order as the stood blocking everyone else.”  I am neither particularly cool nor a Brooklyn resident, but since I blog I thought this was noteworthy.

Here’s a photo of the pizza so you can get a sense: