Episode 44: A New Hope

I couldn’t help but notice all the chatter on Facebook today about Barack Obama’s election as the 44th President of the United States.  Here are a couple of status updates by my friends (who, it should be mentioned are overwhelmingly in the Obama demographic: highly educated, urban 25-35 year olds-but mostly not American):

ABC is raising a glass to the US voters with relief and a heartfelt thank-you

DEF can’t wait to see the White House occupied by an African-American family, as it should have been since 143 years ago

GHI (American) has renewed optimism with our new charismatic, unifying leader…

JKL (American) is glad he won’t have to listen to people in the middle east complain to him about US polotics [sic] for the next 4 years! 

MNO is impressed by America today.

PQR (American) is alternating between pinching herself and drinking champagne, pinching herself and drinking champagne….

STU (American) YES WE DID!

VWX is is [sic] hopeful that today is the dawn of a new era for the US and the world.

YZA thinks she picked a good year to establish permanent residency in the US! (and is happy 123 went blue).

BCD is OBAMA-licious.

EFG (American) is inspired to use her status line to congratulate Ohio (and the rest of you) on an election well done. Cleveland Baracks!

Here’s to the next four years:

And I apologize for the weak Star Wars pun in the title of this post.