Best Photos of 2008

If you know me, you know that I love taking photos.  Since I’ve wasted a lot of people’s time by making them pause to take photos, I thought I’d share some of my best shots from 2008.  Here they are in roughly chronological order.  Note that WordPress seems to be doing some sort of horizontal compression, so you my have to click through to each photo for the full effect.

This one is the only ‘best’ photo to come from my iPhone.  I’m hoping that in 2009 there will be more great iPhone pics:

The following image was taken at Fort Tryon, at the cafe in the park. It’s a beautiful place for brunch and they get great light:

One of my favourite New York activities is walking around the town.  If you make it down to Red Hook, there’s a scrapyard just between the BQE and the Gowanus Canal.  The five year old boy in me could spend hours there just watching:

This is Tom Savage ripping it up at Whistler.  It’s hard to tell, but he’s wearing a beautiful negligee as it was his stag:

While walking around the Robert Fulton houses near our apartment, I happened to catch someone feeding the rats of the sky:

If you visit New York (as you can tell, it’s kind of my muse), you should head over to Long Island City and take a look back at the city:

Last year I went to Dublin to see my bro graduate from medical school and was mesmerized by the city at sunset:

One of the artistic highlights of last year was seeing the Olafur Eliasson exhibit at the MOMA’s PS1.  He had erected a giant rotating mirror in one room; this kind of captures the effect:

Right around the corner from there you find the graffiti haven of 5 Ptz:

On the Fourth of July I snapped this pic while watching the fireworks.  It was raining, so take a close look at the tops of each of the buildings – everyone is holding an umbrella:

I’m trying to get better at macro photography.  Here’s a shot of a lily:

I tried to take an HDR shot of some flowers I had, but it didn’t turn out.  However, one of the shots was following:

While visiting the New Museum I leaned over the railing and noticed this little scene below on one of the adjacent tenement rooftops:

One day Wen & I set out to walk the entire length of Broadway (we started at the Bronx and made it to 85th).  In Washington Heights we went past the High Bridge water tower, and it just happened to be open to a few photographers that morning.  We tagged along and I got this photo of the Heights and the GWB:

And finally, one last photo.  The Guggenheim reopened this year and here’s a shot of their entrance way: