Rude Ink

Yesteday Wen and I saw an exhibit at STUX Gallery featuring the work of the Dutch artist Ruud van Empel.  van Empel has a unique technique: he take dozens or hundreds of digital photographs, superimposes them into one impossible photo and then supersaturates the image so that it appears to jump off the page.  Here’s a copy of the flyer:

Stux Gallery Van Empel Flyer

The exhibit was something of a tryptych:

  • Souvenir took us through a series of photographs of his childhood home, showing the origins of his creativity
  • Dawn was a series of young children in a fairy tale land of giant, digital manipulated plants (that’s the flyer above)
  • Moon/World was an earlier work that also focused on young children, except it emphasize their gaze, not their surroundings

We also saw an exhibit at the Bruce Silverstein gallery featuring the work of Shinichi Maruyama.  The exhibit is called KUSHO – Japanese for “writing in the sky”.  It features 10 large scale works where Maruyama has taken incredibly high resolution photos of black ink thrown together with water.  The resulting photos feel like they should be in National Geographic:

Shinichi Maruyama Photo