Borough Food

A recent New York Times article inspired a weekend visit to Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens in search of good food – and what a trip it was.  I’m sitting on my couch feeling like a sated pig, so here’s a list of places to check out:

Stinky Brooklyn 261 Smith St

Meat.  Cheese. Repeat.  I bought some Chorizo and they were kind enough to let me try a few types of cheese plus some Jamon Iberico.  You gain weight the moment you walk in the store as you’ll want to eat everything:

Jamon Iberico at Stinky Brooklyn

Stinky Brooklyn

The Chocolate Room 269 Court Street

Eat in for some of the richest hot chocolate you’ll ever have or take out if you’re in the mood to bring home some pumpkin/tangerine + chili/earl grey + green tea/etc.-flavoured chocolates.

The Chocolate Room

Nunu 529 Atlantic Avenue

You can’t help but be impressed by a store that has a massive showroom and uses it to sell only three varieties of chocolates.  We tried the salt + caramel + chocolate one; I can still taste it.

Nunu chocolates

Nunu Chocolates

G Esposito & Sons Pork Store 357 Court Street

If you’re looking for sausages (try the apple chicken), mozzarella cheese and any cut of pork under the son, swing by.  The fresh pasta is also great; last night’s dinner included both the sausages and cheese-filled ravioli medallions.

G Esposito & Sons Pork Shop

Clover Coffee 338 Atlantic Ave

This combined art gallery & coffee shop felt a little odd when I was there as they were just storing art for an upcoming exhibit.  However, the coffee was some of the best I’ve ever had.  The store is kitted out with some of the best equipment you’ll find (La Marzocco espresso and Clover filter coffee machines, respectively) and you can taste the difference.  I had a black Kenyan and it literally tasted citrusy plus it was so smooth that the last few sips mixed with the sugar at the bottom tasted more like juice than coffee.

Frankies Spuntino 457 Court Street

This restaurant oozes Sunday afternoon charm (but it’s by no means for Sunday afternoons alone).  Tin roof, exposed brick, bare bulbs, wooden bar and packed tables.  I had the frittata sandwich alongside bacon that was cut at least a half an inch thick – after cooking.  They also have Stumptown Coffee, making it even that much better.

Frankies Spuntino