They Did It

After 10 years of work and over two years of construction, the High Line finally opened today.  I’ve been waiting for this for years – literally: check out this blog post from two years ago.  I went to see it today – twice.

I went once during the day (it’s my new place for reading technical docs) and the once this evening with Wen.  I realized two things:

  1. This part is going to be a scorcher during the day.  There’s almost no shade from the relentless NYC sun
  2. This is actually many different parks: I’ve never been to a place that changes character as much with the sun.  Seeing it at 2pm vs. 8pm was completely different

If you’re in New York, add this to your repertoire of places to see.  It’s a thrilling way to see the different city (you’re only 20 feet up, but the city is completely different).  It’s also balanced on the knife edge of urban and rural (and feels a bit like the physical embodiment of the term ‘post-modern’).

Enough hot air; here are some photos (more on Facebook):

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