Total Invasion of Privacy

On Friday afternoon I was typing away on my work computer when the most obnoxious message ever popped up:

Lenovo Pop-up Ad

The computer manufacturer had popped an ad up on my screen asking me if I wanted to buy some accessories.  This is a horrific experience and I will personally make sure that I recommend to every person I meet that they never buy a Lenovo computer.

Why is this offensive?  Well, there’s an implicit agreement between the computer manufacturer and the end user that the desktop is the ‘property’ of the end user.  I would never buy a table if it randomly popped open and offered me a 10% off coupon for Ikea; why would Lenovo think the computer desktop is anything else?

The more nefarious underpinning is that why did Lenovo send me this message on Friday, June 19th at 2:30 pm?  Have they been monitoring everything I’ve been doing and decided that this is the optimal time to suggest to me to buy?  Should I be unsurprised if my computer starts to catastrophically fail over the next few weeks unless I buy a few accessories?  The cynic in me thinks that some government of China security program misfired and instead of sending my data to Beijing, it offered me a discount instead.

This is the most egregious advertising invasion of privacy I’ve ever seen.  Do not ever buy a Lenovo PC.