Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Last night there were fireworks over the harbour and Wen and I sat on our deck watching them. This morning I went for a run and almost bumped into a shackled prisoner going into the police station around the corner.

When I hit the bottom of Union, the Queen Mary 2 was parked in the cruise ship terminal and was glowing with all its lights turned on in in the pre-dawn light.

Upon my return, our corner had turned into the staging area for a SWAT team raid. Cops in body armour and machine guns prepped their shields and set up a convoy that also included an ambulance and a fire truck.

And now it’s evening. The last wisps of firework smoke drifted away hours ago. The accused has been processed and sent to Rikers. The Queen Mary has sailed and somebody who I’ll never know had one hell of a surprise this morning.

But if you were to visit my apartment today you’d never know that any of this ever happened.