Facebook Thinks I’ve Got Marriage Problems

Wow, I haven’t even been married six months and Facebook already thinks that I’ve got marriage issues.  I’d like to think that my marriage is going really well.  In fact, I thought that the day we spent today, traipsing around town, was some of the most fun in ages.

But Facebook apparently thinks otherwise.  In fact, when I logged in tonight, it invited me to reconnect with Wendy Franks, my wife:

Facebook RequestApparently, their algorithms have determined that we’re drifting apart and need to ‘reconnect’.  I guess Wendy keeping me in her profile photo is just a charade (and a particularly cruel one, given that it’s one of our wedding photos) – but Facebook knows better.  In fact, it’s completely unimaginable that the reason that I don’t write on her wall could be the fact that I live with her and spend more time with her than anyone else on earth, right?

Time to tweak the algorithms folks.