Gastronomic Locavority

Yesterday was the year’s last installment of the New Amsterdam Market.  It’s New York’s most charming farmer’s market and is held in one of it’s most charmless locations (underneath the FDR by the old Fulton fish market).  The market is a celebration of the passion and craft of local and regional food artisans.  Whether you’re looking for bread, meat, cheese, chocolate, coffee or olive oil, the common thread is an insatiable passion in the topic by whoever is selling to you.

This leads to some outlandishly enjoyable situations: below is a photo of the folks from Prime Meats selling duck confit hot pockets.  Unbelievably delicious and yet ridiculous at the same time.

Prime Meats sells Duck Confit

The other great find at the market was Sarah Obratis’ & Hugue Dufour‘s meat pies.  Technically, the weren’t actually at the market, which meant that you had to literally buy a pie out of the trunk of their Corolla (it all felt very surreptitious).  The tourtiere’s have a mouth-watering mix of meat – brisket, pork and turkey – and come with their own Cranberry-based tomato sauce.  Ours lasted two days (really, more like 28 hours).