I Know I Run Fast, But…

I pride myself on being a quick runner, but this is ridiculous.  Wen and I were using my iPhone to navigate from New York back to Ottawa, courtesy of Google maps.  They were kind enough to give us a lot of options: by car, by bus or by foot.  I was interested in how long it would take by foot.  Turns out only five days:

Google Maps Directions: NYC to Ottawa by FootThat’s not too bad, right?  400 hundred miles in 5.5 days.  Totally doable, right?  Oh wait, that’s six miles an hour 12 hours a day.  What’s interesting is that the average finish time for a man in a marathon is ~4:30 – or about 5.8 miles/hour.  I guess we all just need to learn how to run faster than average marathons back to back to back to back and then we’ll have a similar fitness level to those at Google!

(Note: this is, of course, a tongue-in-cheek post.  It’s awesome that you can drive around and get on the fly directions.  Just might need a little bit more work on those ‘walking’ ones)