Can Someone Please Explain This To Me?

I was too young to appreciate the beautifully-lucid-yet-logically-untenable propaganda dreamed up by apparatchiks in the Soviet Union, but, fortunately, China is the new Russia.  Check out some quotes from the China Global Times’ response to the U.S. asking for freedom of info on the web:

The hard fact that Clinton has failed to highlight in her speech is that bulk of the information flowing from the US and other Western countries is loaded with aggressive rhetoric against those countries that do not follow their lead.

In contrast, in the global information order, countries that are disadvantaged could not produce the massive flow of information required, and could never rival the Western countries in terms of information control and dissemination.

I don’t really understand the logic in the above statement, but, hey-let’s see where this goes!

It is not because the people of China do not want free flow of information or unlimited access to Internet, as in the West. It is just because they recognize the situation that their country is forced to face.

Unlike advanced Western countries, Chinese society is still vulnerable to the effect of multifarious information flowing in, especially when it is for creating disorder.

Yikes.  China can create the second biggest economy in the world, send an astronaut into space, become the manufacturer for the world but it still needs its government to protect its people from themselves?  Because apparently despite all their achievements over the past few years they are incapable of determining what is ‘true’ and what is a ‘lie’?  What b.s.  Kudos to Google for threatening to pull out.