The Sixth Borough

Today Wen and I went to Governors Island (yes, that’s no apostrophe). It’s a unique place: picture a combination of old Coast Guard base, now abandoned; an ancient fort, fantastic views of the city and lots of art.

Moreover, the future of the island is still being debated, but you can be sure that it won’t look like what it currently does. ┬áSo here are some photos of what it looks like today.


The island has stunning views of the city. I loved seeing the Brooklyn docks as looking out my window, I have the exact opposite views:


As mentioned, the island if full of buildings, most of them abandoned.


With so many abandoned buildings, the plant life is pretty lush by New York standards.


The island sits in the middle of the harbour and gets pounded by the elements. Rich textures abound


And finally, when we visited, the island was littered with art installations