Tokyo Old & New

I mentioned the other day that Tokyo is a modern medieval city. However, it’s not an Akira-esque city of only new edifices. Instead it’s a mix of very old (the rare wooden structure that survived the earthquakes and bombings of the early 20th century) and the very new. Part of the joy of the city is watching how they merge.

Tokyo – New

Tokyo is full of ultra-modern buildings:

Skyscraper in Shinjuku

The atrium of the Sumitomo building:

Atrium of Sumitomo Building

Tods building

Modern buidling with laundry

Tunnel in Lidabashi station

Man in Shinjuku Station

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building against skyline

Sometimes the buildings appear to be out of a dystopian future. For instance, the NTT Building is what Central Casting was imagining when they were looking for an evil capitalist’s lair:

Evil NTT Building

Similarly, here are a couple of other doozies:

Egg building in Dogenzaka

Crazy modern building

Futuristic Building

Old & New

As you explore the city’s parks, you’re confronted with the juxtaposition of old and new. Here’s Edo Castle:

Edo Castle & Tokyo Skyline

And Hamarikyu-Teien Gardens:

Hamarikyu-Teien Garden

Tokyo Old

Tokyo still has a fair number of old wooden buildings (particularly on the island of Tsukada). I liked this one that had a few cellphone operated vending machines below it):

Old wooden house in Tsukada

Here are a few more:

Old wooden house in Tsukada

Old wooden house in Tsukada

Sumiyoshi Shrine in Tsukada

I was also amazed when we stumbled on this unpaved alleyway. It’s all of a five minute walk from the ultra modern skyscrapers of Shinjuku:

Unpaved Tokyo Alleyway