Vancouver: Almost a Week In

Wen and I have been in Vancouver for almost a week now. We’ve met great people, eaten phenomenal ramen, drank unreal coffee (everywhere) and even found a place (although we can’t move in until Feb 1). We’re gradually coming to terms with the fact that cars actually stop for you when you want to cross the street, that people’s earnestness here is sincere and that no one understands sarcasm.

We’re also noticing three trends.

1. There is a distinct Vancouver style

The “City of Glass” is evolving it’s own style and its creeping into its built spaces. Every now and then you turn a corner and it feels like you’ve stepped into the future. An elegant future of glass and steel and right angles that don’t feel harsh.

I’m looking forward to see how this turns out.


Building Downtown

New Fairmont

New Fairmont


2. There’s Public Art Everywhere

The knock against Vancouver used to be that it was a provincial town. That no longer holds (see entry 1). Moreover, we’ve been amazed at the public art that litters the city.

Art Exhibit Besides Shangri-La

Biennale Art

Biennale Art

3. The Views Really Are Spectacular

This is a city surrounded by mountains and ocean, but even then, you can’t really imagine what that means until you spend some quality time outdoors over the course of a few days.

View from Jericho Beach

Vancouver Skyline

Rainbow over harbour

Harbour at Sunset

Oh yeah, and, on a good day, you can see a totem pole framed by a rainbow in front of a snowy mountain. You know, like most places.
Rainbow and totem pole