I work in an industry that prides itself on failing fast. And so Internets, let me share with you a story of my own personal failure.

This is the Cortona 12L Swing Out Wastebin:


You’ll notice that it sits in my sink rather than underneath it where normal garbage cans are found.

And this is where my story of failure begins. For, despite my engineering degree, I could not figure out how to install the damn thing.

I thought the instructions might help, but they seem to be translated from Chinese by someone who only knows Urdu. That might explain why there’s a reference to an elusive bracket #4 that’s nowhere to be found (I’ll be dreaming of you tonight mysterious bracket #4).


Or perhaps that’s why the letter B is backwards on the ‘helpful’ template they provide.


Anyways, after a little over an hour of this I’m admitting defeat. If anyone’s looking for a teasingly-good-looking-but-ultimately-useless waste bin, just let me know. I can hook you up.

In the meantime, all is not lost as this ridiculous experience has at least moved me to blog again.