Pizzeria Farina

A few months back I found myself running along Main Street in early evening and noticed that a new pizza shop had opened.

Except that it was closed. They’d run out of dough.

The business guy in me was furious. How could you run out of dough? That’s your damn job as a pizzeria – to sell pizzas and you need to have enough dough to meet whatever demand you get.

I was totally wrong.

I had no idea how seriously these folks took their pies. Every day they make a certain amount of dough and sling pies until they run out.

I needed to come back and check it out – and yesterday I finally made it.

Here’s what it looks like from the outside:

The space itself is incredibly narrow and long. Tables are off to one side and in the window; another wall is lined with their house-made oregano-infused and chili-infused olive oils.

At the end is the counter, with its massive pizza ovens just behind. Take a look: everything is made fresh before your eyes.

(As an aside, I felt sorry for the counter girl. Some joker walked in and stared giving her hell about Farina’s website. I mean, come on, do you really think that she’s sitting there with a laptop, just waiting to change it the moment you request something?)

Next to the counter is the list of the day’s pizzas:

I was tempted to get the finocchina (I love fennel sausage) but asked what the special was. And I’m glad I did: fresh mozzarella, salami and…pistachios. I’d never heard of pistachios on a pizza before, but now I’m hooked:

The pizza was incredible. It had an ideal thin crust: a little bit crispy but still chewy. Lots of bubbles in it.

The pistachios added a richness and texture to the pizza that I’d never had before – but hope to get again.

Highly recommended for a fun pizza dinner.

Here are a few closing shots, including the over-the-top hall on the way to the bathroom: