One of the joys of owning a smartphone is installing camera apps on it so that you can take crummy photos and then make yourself look like Monet or Chuck Close without having to boot up Photoshop.

I’ve been playing with a few apps recently (beyond the granddaddy of ’em all, Instagram), thought I’d share them with you.

Here’s my original image, a middling photo of some crocuses:

Original - Crocuses

Here’s what it looks like after being passed through Painteresque:

Painteresque - Crocuses

Want more of an etched look instead of a painted look? Try the eponymous Etchings:

Etchings - Crocuses

Or perhaps you want a little more abstract. Try Percolator:

Percolator - Crocuses

If you percolate it further, you’ll get this:

Percolator - Crocuses

For a more playful look, try Halftone:

Halftone - Crocuses

A few random thoughts:

  • Will we see these filters become a core part of the built-in camera? Will iOS or Android ever cannibalize their ecosystem by pulling these in to the main app?
  • Everyone loves apps that makes them look like a professional; these apps do a fantastic job of this. I wonder what other categories on the phone exist for this?