Cooking Thai

One of my new year’s resolutions was to learn how to cook Thai food.  Tonight I finally got around to making a meal – chicken with Thai basil and cashews. It turned out well: very aromatic, light and incredibly fresh.  Here’s a shot (tastes much better than it looks); recipe follows: Ingredients: 1.5 pounds skinless,… Continue reading Cooking Thai

Lazy Day

It is the deliriously lazy Sunday of a long weekend today; one of those days where the slightest task feels as though it is an Odyssey-like challenge.  Wen and I have enjoyed a day of doing nothing, with the result that this blog post is about almost nothing. One of our lazy Sunday traditions is… Continue reading Lazy Day

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The Perfect Pull

So today Richard and I took coffee lessons (Espresso Fundamentals) at Joe.  It was a quick class on how to pull the perfect espresso shot.  I’m hoping my morning lattes will now get a lot better. In addition to learning how to make a great shot, I learned a fair bit about espresso.  For instance,… Continue reading The Perfect Pull

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Eats in the Hood

I’m still struggling with the jet lag today, so I went for a walk at lunch for some fresh air. I was pleasantly surprised to find a great new restaurant in the neighbourhood – The Simple Kitchen Organic Cafe. Despite it’s rather complex moniker, the place is likely to become a regular stop for me… Continue reading Eats in the Hood

All Day in the Cafe

Another surprising pleasure in Australia was their cafe culture.  The country is dotted with cafes and it’s almost impossible to find a block without one. The national coffee ‘dish’ is the flat white.  It’s like a latte but with less froth on the top (and good luck ordering one in NYC, except maybe at Ruby’s). … Continue reading All Day in the Cafe