It’s the second last Wednesday of the month so the local drug dealers walked down the street from their corner at Hastings & Abbott to the Money Mart. You recognize them on sight; they’re not very subtle at exchanging packages. There was a lineup out the door at 10am; one woman was so distracted by… Continue reading Wednesdays

Down & Out on the DTES

I’ve been in Vancouver for a while now and one of the things I am simultaneously ambivalent towards and shocked by is the Downtown East Side. The neighbourhood is a whirlpool that attracts broken people from across Canada (and I don’t mean “broken” as an insult; the horrors that these people have faced are arguably… Continue reading Down & Out on the DTES

The Various Nicknames Of My Son

In his all too brief life so far, my son has picked up a variety of nicknames. Some are variants on his name: Cammie Cambo Camiford Camdizzle Cameroonie Cameroondie Little Ram Rammers Ram Jam Jammers Then there are the functional names he’s picked up at different “growth phases”: Lil Shrieky Lil Slumpty Slumptiford Standiford Droolio… Continue reading The Various Nicknames Of My Son

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