Wen and I went to Portland over the weekend; loved it. Here are some notes about the town and (more than) a few pics as well. 1. Portland Man Portland Man in 2013 is recognized by his hirsute nature. Every guy in Portland seems to sport a beard. The breadth and depth of facial foliage… Continue reading Portlandia

When Architects Open Cafes

An architect bought the building and put his practice on the upper levels and built a cafe below. Worth a visit if only to see the rare building where an architect actually operates out of a building they designed.

Hawaii Notes

A few weeks back, Cam, Wen and I went to Hawaii’s Big Island (technically named Hawaii, leading to the awkward phrasing “I went to Hawaii, Hawaii” so beloved by anal retentive people and hated by everyone else) for vacation. Here are some thoughts on what it was like. 1. Hawaii is the tropics run by… Continue reading Hawaii Notes

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An Epic Hike

Wen and I used to live in Calgary and got spoiled by the hiking in Banff and its sister parks. Since moving to BC we’ve been lucky to do a lot of great hikes – Grouse, Mount Seymour, The Chief – but we hadn’t found a truly epic hike. Until we went to Garibaldi Lake.… Continue reading An Epic Hike

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Rainforest Trail – Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Earlier this week, the whole family drove up to Tofino for Ecquire’s epic Nerds on Vacation. Passing through the (relatively young) forest we saw a sign for the “Rainforest Trail”. Staring at the small trees buzzing by, it was hard to imagine that a rainforest might be hidden just beyond our view. But there’s a… Continue reading Rainforest Trail – Pacific Rim National Park Reserve