Portland in 2015

1. Portland in 2015 is a city of charismatic pedants. And that’s not a bad thing. Everyone seems to be making something. And they want to tell you about it. Plus they’re really into it. They don’t make a lot of things, rather they make one thing and are trying to do it really well. Maybe… Continue reading Portland in 2015

Seattle’s Hidden Dystopia

We’ve spent the past few weeks in temporary accommodation in an anonymous condo. After nearly a month of its bland tastefulness we’ve finally found a place to stay and on Monday we moved in. Our movers did a good job but they squirreled boxes and packing materials away throughout our place; today I gathered it… Continue reading Seattle’s Hidden Dystopia

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Wen and I went to Portland over the weekend; loved it. Here are some notes about the town and (more than) a few pics as well. 1. Portland Man Portland Man in 2013 is recognized by his hirsute nature. Every guy in Portland seems to sport a beard. The breadth and depth of facial foliage… Continue reading Portlandia

When Architects Open Cafes

An architect bought the building and put his practice on the upper levels and built a cafe below. Worth a visit if only to see the rare building where an architect actually operates out of a building they designed.