Ice Age Conversations

This weekend my bro put me onto a new site – Arts & Letters Daily.  It’s basically intellectual brain candy: every day they cull what they perceive as ‘the best’ from a variety of newspapers and serve it up to you. I was struck today by an article about which words have been around since… Continue reading Ice Age Conversations

I Resolve To…

It’s that time of year for New Year’s resolutions so I thought I’d share mine with the world.  I didn’t have any resolutions last year and it bothered me – while I got a lot done last year, there wasn’t the same satisfaction that comes from achieving your goals (if I ever have a therapist,… Continue reading I Resolve To…

Subway Graffiti

I was waiting for the subway in the (overheated) 1st Ave L train station when I saw this ad: Yes, it’s been totally defaced, but honestly, I like the new version much better than the original.  In fact, one of the pleasures of living in NYC is the quality of graffiti – particularly people who deface ads.… Continue reading Subway Graffiti

From my iPhone

This post is coming at you from my iPhone. It’s amazing: you download an app and seconds later you’re blogging. I really feel like I’m holding the future in my hand (check put how you can take a photo and include it in the post). I’ll blog more about this when I get a chance,… Continue reading From my iPhone