Fireworks & Rooftops

Last night’s fireworks were a bit of a disappointment for those in Manhattan.  A combination of rain and wind conspired to blow all the smoke from the detonations towards us – and obscured the fireworks.  However, there was one amazing sight: the image of hundreds of people on their rooftops holding umbrellas as they strained… Continue reading Fireworks & Rooftops

Survivors of the Massacre

A few years ago I saw the movie Dig! – a documentary about the difference between two Portland bands: the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre.  It was a gripping, yet ultimately tragic tale – the Dandy’s go on to success while the highly talented frontman of the BJM, Anton Newcombe, self-destructs any time… Continue reading Survivors of the Massacre

Hipster Pizza

Based on my buddy Richard’s recommendations, I waited in line at Artichoke Basille’s Pizza for about 30 minutes today just to get two slices.  The verdict?  It was totally worth it.  The pizza was amazing: the artichoke pizza had the most gourmet mix of cheeses I’ve ever tried (can a cheese be succulent?  That’s the… Continue reading Hipster Pizza

What a Tease

A recent Wired article cites the following: The pitches in musical scales are likely derived from language. Turns out, aspects of spoken English and Mandarin correlate to the intervals between notes in a chromatic scale (the black and white piano keys in an octave). Unfortunately, there’s nothing more than this offered as proof.  What a… Continue reading What a Tease

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