Gotta Love It

The other night I was in the 2nd Ave subway station and a busker was playing the saxophone.  It’s a total New York cliche – the echo eventually drowned out by the roar of a train – but it still sounds great.  Here’s a snippet: Saxophone in the Subway

Subway Mapping

Last week Google added subway lines to the list of items that it shows in Google Maps for NYC.  What’s neat about this is that we can now plot where the subway lines are in the real world vs. where they appear on the MTA subway map: A couple of themes emerge: Manhattan is ridiculously… Continue reading Subway Mapping

Signs in the ‘Hood

One of the little joys of living in my neighbourhood is watching the subway ads get defaced. If it was just a matter of people tagging the ads, I’d consider it vandalism, but the locals have turned it into an art form (I think there are some very creative but underemployed folks in my hood… Continue reading Signs in the ‘Hood