Quebec: No Love from Map-Makers

For some reason, I keep coming across maps that seem to misplace Quebec. This Aer Lingus map showed upstate New York in up-province Quebec.  Now today I came across this map in Wired:

It’s a game of Risk from 2027 and the world has a new group of nations that didn’t exist a mere 20 years before (West Arabia seems to anchor the Islamic Bloc).  Sadly, Canada has split into Alberta (no more GST!), Quebec (finally got that independence), some sort of Northern Territory – and we’ve merged some of our provinces with America.

There’s no more BC – it’s part of some coastal alliance with Washington, Oregon and California (looks like Cascadia has finally come).  In an unseen political move, New Britain has risen out of the Maritimes and New England…and Quebec.

Yup, that’s where the whole map falls apart (just like Canada is proposed to in the game).  Seems like no one actually took a look at where Quebec really is and instead the entire province has migrated to the other side of the Hudson Bay to make the map work: