Survivors of the Massacre

A few years ago I saw the movie Dig! – a documentary about the difference between two Portland bands: the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre.  It was a gripping, yet ultimately tragic tale – the Dandy’s go on to success while the highly talented frontman of the BJM, Anton Newcombe, self-destructs any time the threat of success rears its head.

Both bands are still around, but I’d always wondered what happened to the former members of the BJM.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, some have gone on to other bands – most notably Peter Hayes going to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.  More interesting, though, is the story of Travis Threkel, now a co-founder of the technology company/agency Obscura Digital.  They’ve build some incredible technology to project images perfectly on just about any surface.  Here are a couple of examples: