Over the past few months, I’ve been trying a little experiment and it’s worked quite well. In my own truly nerdy way, I’ve been ranking almost every some I listen to on my iPhone/iPod and listening to each song until the very end. Why? Well, now I’ve got a list of my favourite, most listened-to… Continue reading iFun

Back from Beck

Wen and I just got back from watching Beck at the United Palace Theater (a unique venue if ever there was one).  I hadn’t seen him for over ten years [insert cheesy quote about how we’ve both aged, but the music hasn’t] and the sound’s a bit different now.  A lot more rocking (my ears will… Continue reading Back from Beck

Cutting It Up

I love bands who dance to their own music.  It’s as if they wrote their own songs as nobody else could create anything they could listen to.  Over the years I’ve found that these bands tend to put on the best shows. And so it was last night at Webster Hall where Cut Copy tore… Continue reading Cutting It Up

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Visualizing Girl Talk

No, this post is not going to have anything to do with girls.  Rather, it’s about Gregg Gillis a.k.a. Girl Talk.  His latest album, Feed The Animals, is a sampling assault.  Each song jumps from sample to sample at an amazingly frantic rate; it’s been on my iPod for weeks now and I can’t get… Continue reading Visualizing Girl Talk