I’m not sure where this book came from. I feel like it appeared on my shelf out of thin air. Which is highly relevant because it is a book about the Twin Towers reappearing out of thin air 20 years after their fall…in South Dakota. It’s also a book about alternative futures. And America: what… Continue reading Shadowbahn

Gotta Love It

The other night I was in the 2nd Ave subway station and a busker was playing the saxophone.  It’s a total New York cliche – the echo eventually drowned out by the roar of a train – but it still sounds great.  Here’s a snippet: Saxophone in the Subway


Last night Rich and I went to see LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad at Club Love.  It’s one of my favourite places to see a dj in NYC – a bit dive-y, great sound system and a totally unpretentious crowd: The other great thing about Love is there light show.  They’ve got human-powered lasers: a… Continue reading Bukem

Piety & Punk

I just finished reading The Tawqacores (taqwa = piety) by Michael Muhammed Knight.  The book is referred to The Catcher in the Rye for muslims.  It was fascinating to read an ex-Catholic Muslim convert try and lay out his view of what Islam could be and use punk as a metaphor to do so.  (The… Continue reading Piety & Punk

Two Ships Passing in the Night

I couldn’t help but notice two very different sides of the music industry this weekend.  One side is run by sclerotic corporations who are completely removed from the realities of their business.  Their latest move, according to the New York Times: petitioning governments to increase the license fees paid by bars/restaurants/night clubs to play music… Continue reading Two Ships Passing in the Night