21st Century Moment

Today I had a truly 21st century moment.

I was in a meeting that was not going in the greatest direction and I updated my Facebook status to read:

Lindsay is not getting that warm and fuzzy feeling

Debate what you will the merits of using Facebook at work, but you weren’t in this meeting (iPhone + Facebook = no more boring meetings).  Anyways, this was around 2:30 or so, not too long after Obama’s inauguration.  This led to the following comment:

listen here you canadian cynic!  let the amerikanis have their moment.  they’ve put up with bush for the last eight years, you too would be warm and fuzzy.

My workers were definitely feeling warm and fuzzy today – I was genuinely impressed when they clapped for their President after his swearing in.  (I couldn’t feel that warm and fuzzy as his first sentence was “my fellow citizens…” and I am, alas, not a citizen – but I still liked the speech and wish the new Pres nothing but success).