The China Fall?

The past few years have been a fascinating time to watch China’s mighty rise. However, the notion that they’re going to become the most powerful nation in the world over the next few years has always seemed ridiculous to me. Recently I’ve noticed quite a few signs that suggest I’m not alone. A few weeks… Continue reading The China Fall?


I recently finished reading Bill Bishop’s The Big Sort. It’s a “big ideas” book and something of a road map to help you understand why the world (or at least America) is what it is today. The book begins with an insight: the 1976 Presidential election was highly competitive and only 26.8% of Americans lived… Continue reading Sorted

21st Century Moment

Today I had a truly 21st century moment. I was in a meeting that was not going in the greatest direction and I updated my Facebook status to read: Lindsay is not getting that warm and fuzzy feeling Debate what you will the merits of using Facebook at work, but you weren’t in this meeting… Continue reading 21st Century Moment

Episode 44: A New Hope

I couldn’t help but notice all the chatter on Facebook today about Barack Obama’s election as the 44th President of the United States. ¬†Here are a couple of status updates by my friends (who, it should be mentioned are overwhelmingly in the Obama demographic: highly educated, urban 25-35 year olds-but mostly not American): ABC is… Continue reading Episode 44: A New Hope