I’m not sure where this book came from. I feel like it appeared on my shelf out of thin air. Which is highly relevant because it is a book about the Twin Towers reappearing out of thin air 20 years after their fall…in South Dakota. It’s also a book about alternative futures. And America: what… Continue reading Shadowbahn

Art at Home

For me, one of the paradoxes of the digital age has been that the more ubiquitous things are, the less I feel like I engage in them. If feels like there’s just so much and I have so little time and attention. One example of this are my photos. As I write this, I have… Continue reading Art at Home

Plants. Without the Effort

Ilove gardening but I hate having to constantly water plants. For years, I’ve longed for vegetables that would just water themselves. As a technologist, I’ve often thought “this should be easy; just wire up a microcontroller, a pump and some sensors and make a self-watering plant system.” As a technologist, I also know that it… Continue reading Plants. Without the Effort