The Moment of Truth

It was a loud bang. I totally missed that pothole. I knew the road was bad here – they’re rebuilding the convention center and there’s been some subduction – but how did I miss something that big? And then they car started shouting at me. I had 13 PSI in my tire and had to… Continue reading The Moment of Truth

Understanding The Now

While 2016 has been an annus horribilis overall (unless you’re a racist, in which case, it’s probably a magical time to be alive), it has a been a great year for books helping us attempt to understand the heady times we live in. Most people would agree that we live in a state of rapid change.… Continue reading Understanding The Now

SIM As A Service

One of the things that interests me in 2014 is whether or not T-Mobile is going to be sold. I work at a company that, among other things, runs a virtual network on top of TMUS’s network-so I’m definitely interested in what might happen. I keep thinking though, who else might want to buy T-Mobile’s… Continue reading SIM As A Service